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Crystal Meth is a global epidemic thought by many to be one of the single greatest threats to our society. Those who are well aware of the impact of methamphetamine on individuals and families will tell you its effects are devastating. It crosses all boundaries of social class, race and religion and is a problem for the entire community. Officials in some regions share that as much as 80 to 90 percent of the costs of dealing with crime and foster care is directly or indirectly related to Crystal Meth use.

Fortunately, the Emmy and Telly Award Winning Crystal Darkness Campaigns provide a highly-acclaimed method for your town, city or state to fight back through a massive community awareness program. To date, nearly 30 million people in the United States and beyond have been impacted by these regionally launched anti-meth campaigns. Through these customized documentaries, it brings a powerful drug prevention message and offers the hope of recovery from substance abuse to families fighting the battle alone.

On this site, you'll discover a wealth of powerful video clips, documentaries and substance abuse prevention tools for those seeking freedom from addiction, each aimed at bringing light to the darkness of methamphetamine. No longer will this deadly drug be allowed to lurk quietly in the shadows of society. You can fight back with Crystal Darkness.